Cakes for a Childrens Birthday Party

Author: Philip Lee Hewitson - Google+

You simply can’t have a birthday party for your child without a birthday cake. Depending on the age of your little one, they may appreciate the cake or they may not, either way it is nice to put in a little effort by selecting a cake suitable for the occasion.

Bought cakes are ideal for small family parties and for those parents who are possibly pushed for time or lack creativity.

cakes for children

For those who do like to make their children’s birthday cakes at home these cakes are ideal for acquiring ideas and inspiration.

If you have a lot of people to cater for and a lot of time on your hands it is always nice to experiment by making your child’s birthday cake at home. If it is your first time at trying this type of thing then don’t be put off by the challenge ahead, start with something simple.

Party themes tend to dictate the design of a child’s birthday cake. There is a lot you can do if you have a set theme to follow, in some ways this makes designing the cake easier.

Typical themes include Disney, animals, cartoon characters and toy items such as cars and trains. As these themes are popular there is a range of cake tins and decorations to suit these type of cakes.

Even if you are not designing your cake using a particular theme novelty cake tins and decorations are a great idea, they are in available in a range of shapes and sizes. Using these types of tins allows you to mould the cake into your desired shape but then you are free to ice it using your own design.

Simple things such as adding your child’s name, age or a simple message to an otherwise basic cake can make it unique, something which you can’t get with birthday cakes from the shops.

If the Mickey mouse or London bus cake design doesn’t suit your child or looks too difficult to create then there are generic cake designs that you can adopt to suit your child’s hobbies and interests. Some of the most popular designs include:

T- shirt Design - this cake design allows you to decorate the cake any way you please. The cake, which is moulded into the shape of a t- shirt by the cake tin can be decorated to look like your child’s favourite sports top or their favourite shirt. The design allows the cake to reflect either the front or the back of the jersey meaning you can add logos and crests if you are creating the front or names and numbers if you are creating the back.

football shirt cakes

Cake Log Design - there is a lot you can turn a simple Swiss roll cake into, these make a great novelty cake. Most of the major supermarkets stock cakes of this kind and there is no harm in using their designs as a guide for creating your own. The shape of the cake allows you to add sweets and other confectionary in order to turn the cake into an animal such as a snake or a caterpillar; this is a great idea for really small children.

Letter Shaped Design- this may be simple but at the same time it is very effective. You can mould your child’s birthday cake into the shape of their first initial. The plain cake can then be decorated with icing and sweets, these could be carefully selected to suit your child with their favourite colours and sweets being chosen. If you fear one cake may not feed all guests then why not make an additional cake, this time in the shape of your child’s second initial?

Number Shaped Design- some may call it boring but all in all a cake in the shape of your child’s age makes a great centre piece for the buffet table and looks great in photographs. Similar to the letter shape design, this cake can be decorated with sweets and icing to suit your child and their guests. Depending on the age of your child this cake design could result in you having too little or too much cake in relation to the number of people you wish to feed. Once you have chosen your cake design there are a few other factors which need to be considered before the making of the cake commences.

number cakes for kids birthdays

Firstly, you need to decide what type of cake yours is going to be. Sponge cake is without doubt the most suitable cake to choose for a children’s birthday but then you must consider whether chocolate sponge or vanilla sponge is best? If you can’t decide then do one of both, placing one on top of the other with a layer of butter icing and jam in between this will help create a sandwich cake.

Secondly you must decide how the cake is going to be iced, are you going to use rolled icing or piped icing? Piped is easier for intricate designs but for basic designs you could probably use rolled icing. If you can’t decide then why not use both? Use rolled icing as a base layer on top of the cake and then decorate the cake and the board with piped icing, this helps create a professional finish.

And finally you need to calculate how many people your cake should feed, if you think your selected design won’t feed the number of guests you wish to attend then make an additional smaller plain cake, it will look the same once sliced up. Alternatively, you could make or buy a smaller cake for the adults attending the party, this could possibly be a fruit cake?

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