Wedding Catering Food Options For Day and Night

Author: Philip Lee Hewitson - Google+

For most couples the biggest thing they worry about on their big day is everything going to plan. The best way to conquer these fears is to hire in professionals to cover every aspect of the day, including the catering.

A guide to Wedding Catering

Catering is usually required for two sections of a traditional wedding, the sit- down meal after the ceremony, and some form of food for the evening reception. Some choose to use the catering facilities offered by their venue where as others hire in services from elsewhere, you can also have a mixture if necessary.

Day Time Wedding Catering Options

Canapés - ideal to serve after the ceremony and on arrival to the venue.
Most canapés consist of bite- size snacks, enough to compliment a glass of champagne.

catering for weddings

Hog roast with vegetables and potatoes - a great option for a main meal, especially served with fresh vegetables or salads.
Alternative to a hog roast you could choose a spit roast or a lamb spit roast.

Wedding hog roast

Mixed desserts - a perfect way to finish off any meal.
Desserts can be custom made to suit the needs of the couple, anything from scones to cream cakes.

Dessert catering

Tea/ coffee - A very popular option with the traditionalists and I am sure the older guests would be thankful for a cuppa.
Served with the option of milk and sugar you can’t fail to please.

tea and coffee at wedding

Cheese board - a traditional French option to finish off any meal.
A platter of cheeses and a selection of biscuits is a very popular choice.

Cheese board

Day time wedding options are pretty much endless, to speed up the process please take a look at all the menus we offer as a company by viewing our wedding catering page.

Choosing your catering for the evening is very dependent on what was chosen for the main meal during the day, for example you don’t want two hog roasts. Most traditionalists choose a buffet option, however if you have had food provided by the venue during the day then why not try a hog roast or a barbecue on the night?

Evening Wedding Catering Options

Cold finger buffet - the choice of many who opt to go down the traditional route.
A general cold finger buffet consists of food such as sausage rolls, sandwiches, mini buns, pizzas and chicken nuggets.
Other options can be added and if you want to add extra variety why not choose a few food platters too?

wedding finger buffet

Fork buffet - a fork buffet usually consists of salads, savoury rice and pasta salads.
Not so much a meal option by itself but a great side option to one of the hot choices or even a cold finger buffet.

Salad buffet for weddings

Hot buffet - depending on what you have chosen earlier in the day a hot buffet may be a little too much food for your guests to stomach.
Options in this category include curry and rice, lasagne and garlic bread and cottage pie and mixed vegetables.

Hot buffet catering

Hog roast - the most popular evening catering selection but like previously mentioned, very dependent on what has gone before.
As opposed to the mixed vegetable option in the main meal catering section, an evening hog roast is best served as a sandwich, served with apple sauce and stuffing.

hog roasts

Barbecue- an up and coming catering option for evening receptions.
A barbecue is a great option for a summer wedding it's also a good choice for during the day if you want a relaxed informal reception.
The menu for a barbecue is very much down to the individual and can be adapted to suit the needs of the happy couple.

BBQ for a wedding