Hog Roast Durham Farmers Market

Author: Philip Lee Hewitson - Google+

Every month Durham City holds the farmers market in the market place.
You can buy a hog roast sandwich from us at the market.

About this hog roast market
Durham City has a long tradition of markets; every weekday the Durham Indoor market is open with over 50 traders offering a range of goods and products from all over the North East.
On a Saturday the market expands outside with 30 outdoor traders including our food station, the food station we offer is hog roast, Lincoln sausages, bacon sandwiches and our very own prime beef burgers.

The market in the photos below are from the Durham farmers market this is also a outdoor market but it is held on the 3rd Thursday in every month, this market is for traders selling goods no more than 50 miles radius of Durham City centre.

At the Durham farmers market we sell hog roast sandwiches to the public our current price is £3 and we trade from 8am until 4pm, please come down and see our sales unit in action and sample a hog roast sandwich you won’t be disappointed.

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Durham outdoor market

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