Hog Roast at Durham Miners Gala Big Meeting Day

Author: Philip Lee Hewitson - Google+

Durham miners gala or Durham Big meeting is one of Durham's biggest events if not the biggest.
People no travel from all over the world to attend and over the past five years we have provided a food station to ensure the people attending don't go hungry.

Event: Durham miners gala hog roast in Durham City
Guests: 25,000
Menu:see below

More information about this event
 Every year the annual event “Durham big meeting” also known as the miners gala takes place in Durham City, the event has been running since 1871, the event was a meeting of the NUM (national union of miners) but now because the mines don’t exist in the capacity they once where it's more of a social gathering of people from around County Durham and the North East area.
Durham miners gala

This years event attracted over 25,000 people through out the day with marching brass bands still performing early in the morning progressing to the race course by the river.
As we are a regular trader at Durham outdoor market we where asked to provide a double stand for this event to handle the large amount of people passing through the City.
Our food station was very popular all day and we sold out of everything just before 5pm.
Hog roast at Durham big meeting

If you have a event you are planning and think you may require food to be sold directly to the people attending please contact us we maybe able to provide the service.  
Band playing at Durham miners gala

Bands marching through Durham market place
Durham big meeting day

We provide food in Durham City Centre every Saturday please come and see us in the market and sample our hog roast, sausages, burgers or a bacon sandwich.

Video From The Event