Hog Roast Catering in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Author: Philip Lee Hewitson - Google+

A hog roast for the porsche members club in Newcastle Upon Tyne

porsche hog roast

Below is the menu provided:


Hog roasted pig with crispy crackling served in white baps

The above menu included:

Hog roast machine, chef, service tables 
equipment, table covers (service tables only), napkins, condiments
delivery, clean up (service area only)
Guests are required to come to a service point

Every year the porsche members club have a meeting to discuss new products, vehicles and the direction of the brand porsche, this year the event was held at Newcastle porsche and we where asked to provide a hog roast for all the members at the meeting.

This was the first time we have provided catering for porsche so we hoped to give a good impression with the food and service.
The manager of porsche asked if we could supply a hog roast for guests to be served in white buns with apple sauce and stuffing, as guests arrived the smell of the hog roast was bouncing around the show room and everyone commented as they arrived.

hog roast at porsche

car promotion hog roast

hog roast promotions

hog roast promotion

hog roast

hog roasts

hog roast event

The event was due to start at 6pm but guests where already queuing for a hog roast sandwich so the meeting started later than expected after everyone had been served, after the event people queued again for a second sandwich and we did get to speak with all the customers who thanked us for our efforts.

The event was a big success with porsche management happy with the hog roast we provided.

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