Hog Roast In Blaydon Newcastle Upon Tyne Tyneside

Author: Philip Lee Hewitson - Google+
Hog roast catering for school children in Newcastle Upon Tyne

This hog roast event was organised by Gateshead council for the children of a local school, the event project was to promote a new initiative in traditional eating spanning history and the hog roast was a very good example.
hog roast Blaydon

The hog roast or pig roast has been around for thousands of years and examples can be found through the history books of people killing and roasting pigs to eat as a main meal or at a feast, the pig has always been apart of mans regular diet.

hog roast Newcastle
The children's project was to view the pig roasting and to ask questions about the cooking process, the children sampled the hog roast and then where asked to write an essay about what they had discovered and why they thought the pig roast has been so popular even to this day.

Newcastle Caterer
This event was a huge success, working with the children and helping them to learn was one of our highlights of the year and we hope the project returns again next year.

Blaydon caterer