Hog Roast Additions: Extra Food Items For your Event or Occasion

Author: Philip Lee Hewitson - Google+

Hog roast wedding catering is one of our most popular hog roast events at this wedding event we where hired to provide a hog roast for guests as part of the wedding breakfast (after the ceremony).

Wedding Rowlands Gill
The couple got married in Rowlands gill Gateshead and the reception was held at one of their parents houses also in Rowlands gill; the garden was huge and I mean huge I’ve never seen a garden so big in all my life and it was stunningly beautiful the amount of time and effort put into this garden was unbelievable.

Wedding Catering Rowlands Gill
We arrived two hours before the wedding party and managed to set up well in advance, the couple wanted to keep this quite simple and opted for hog roast menu 3 (deposable plates etc) with potatoes and salads.

Hog Roast Gateshead
We served all the guests over a hours time frame and carved the rest of the pig so they could use it as leftovers later in the night.
the couple where very pleased with everything we provided and are planning to have another hog roast in a couple of months when they Christen their baby Jane.

Rowlands Gill Hog Roast

If you are planning a wedding please take a look at our menus and contact the team if you require any help.