Hog Roast Sunderland Wearside North East England

Author: Philip Lee Hewitson - Google+

Large event catering is a difficult task but on this day we served eveyone in quick time with good quality food, below is the photos from the event.

corporate event catering
Last year we where asked to provided food stations for the Nissan summer festival event in Sunderland, this is a annual event for all the workers and family’s that work for Nissan in Sunderland.

large event catering
The previous event caterers had always failed to keep up with demand due to the amount of people attending in a short space of time, the numbers where 8,000 people and the time frame was only four hours (a difficult task for any company) but we where up for the challenge and managed to control the masses of people ensuring everyone was served with in minutes.

hog roast catering services
On the day it rained and the field became a bit of a mud bath but the feedback we received from the workers was good and despite the bad weather everyone seemed to enjoy the day.

large marquee catering
If you need catering for large amounts of people please give us a ring we have the equipment and experience to make your event a success.