How To Plan A 50th, 60th, 70th Or 80th Birthday Party With Checklist

Author: Philip Lee Hewitson - Google+

This quartet of milestone birthdays are a far cry from 18th and 21st birthday celebrations. These events are generally quite affairs, nevertheless they still require a lot of planning and there are a lot of decisions which need to be made before the big event.

Over the years we have helped to plan a veriety of party's so hopefully this article will give you
a helping hand in the planning process.

Planning a birthday party for a 18th or 21st birthday party

Although the party should be tailored towards the individual who’s birthday is being celebrated, there is no harm in asking for assistance when organising the event. Friends and family members who have already celebrated their 50th, 60th, 70th or 80th birthday with a party will be ideal helpers.

Printable checklist here

The initial checklist should include all the essentials such as the following:

party venues

Smaller venues are ideal for these types of parties; some even choose to hold them in their own homes. Social clubs and leisure
clubs usually have a selection of rooms which can be used for functions. Be careful when selecting, you don’t want the room to be too crowded or too empty.

Try and pick a venue which is easily accessible, particularly for those guests without their own transport and also disabled guests.
One final note, don’t be afraid to ask round your friendship group, some may have some very good suggestions or experiences to share.

30th birthday party planning

Number of guests

The venue and the number of guests come hand in hand, one dictates the other. There are people that you will invite regardless
of the venue, such as family members. After that however it is very much down to personal preference and cost. If you are holding the party at home then
you may just want to invite family, this will help keep the cost down. For larger venues you may look at inviting family friends, neighbours and an array of friends from various aspects of your life.

Remember it is unlikely that all will be able to attend so you may want to invite more at a later date.

party prices

For milestone birthdays it is always worth going the extra mile and spending that extra few pounds. Regardless of how much money you wish to spend it is always important to set a budget and stick to it.
It may be wise to divide your budget so you know how much you wish to spend on each part of the party. It may be some time since you last organised a party so shop around before deciding on your party budget, you may get a shock how expensive
some things are otherwise.

The length of the party

Party length isn’t so much an issue with this quartet of celebrations; it is party timing that is important. It is unlikely that
a late night party would be suitable for a 70th or 80th birthday celebration, an afternoon or evening party would possibly be more suitable, more elderly guests are likely to attend.

For a 50th and 60th celebration you would have to assess the expected guests. Would they attend if it was a late finish?
Once the initial checklist has been discussed and the details of the party have been finalised it is then time to decide the finer details of the event.

Party Entertainment

The first question you must ask yourself is, is entertainment needed?
For smaller functions and parties at home I would suggest the answer is no. For other functions however a small amount of entertainment would go down well.

A disco is always a good idea no matter how old or young the guests
are. A disco with music tailored towards the taste of the older generation would possibly be a good idea or if you want to go that step further why not hire a karaoke machine with music from the decade in which you were born/ grew up?

Party Invitations

As you get older birthday party invitations become more and more formal. The design and the colour of the invitation become insignificant as the focus shifts towards the details of the event. This however doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative; you could match the invitations to the theme or colour scheme of your party if you have chosen one.

Remember to list all information clearly and in large text and to give guests plenty of time to reply.

party invite

party catering

You can’t have a 50th, 60th, 70th or 80th birthday party without top quality food to mark the occasion.
For larger events it may be wise to arrange some professional catering from a hired catering team like us.

Typically these teams will offer both hot and cold services, be this a finger buffet, a cold
buffet, a hot buffet or even a hog roast or a barbecue.

The latter are two novelty catering options which are beneficial when catering for a large number
of people. Both buffet options and large scale catering options are ideal for birthday parties as long as they fit in with the price budget and are appropriate to the number of guests in attendance.

50th birthday party catering

If you are unsure about which catering options to select then don’t be afraid to ask us for help we have catered for thousands of parties over the years and would be more than happy to help.

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Hiring in professional caterers is certainly much easier than trying to organise the food yourself, especially for larger birthday parties, for smaller events in the house however it may be easier and cost effective to provide your own catering.

One last thing, do not forget about a,birthday cake you can’t possibly celebrate your birthday without a birthday cake. Most catering companies will be able to take care of this for you if required and remember you can always link your cake to the theme of your party.