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Larger venues such as the trio mentioned in the section above will be able to hold a lot more people and therefore it may be beneficial to invite more people, remember not everyone will come. You could invite everyone from your child’s school or nursery class and that way nobody would be left out. For a party at a play house or a bowling alley you may want to look at inviting around 10 guests, too many guests at a venue such as this can cause costs to spiral.

party prices

For some the cost of their children’s party is the most important factor. The amount of money you are willing to spend has a major impact on the other elements of the party. Don’t go over the top and spend loads of money, stick within margins which you can afford. After all it is only one day and many of the finer details of the day will go unnoticed. Be aware of how many other parties you may have to plan/ pay for in the future. If you spend a fortune this time, you will be expected to every other time.  

planning a kids party

party theme

The best children’s parties are themed. The theme can be a vague or as detailed as you like. A themed party makes it unique and will give your child and their friends something to remember the day by. Typical themes include: Disney, general fancy dress, football and animals. You could encourage guests to embrace the theme by dressing up or bringing an item that suits the theme.

For example for a football themed children’s party all guests could be asked to wear a football shirt. Or for an animal themed children’s party guests could be asked to bring an animal soft toy. Sometimes the venue can influence the theme of the party.

The length of the party

The party venue very much affects the length of the party. Most private venues charge by the hour and therefore the length needs to fit to fit in with the budget. If you are holding the party at your house then the length of the party is very much a matter of a start time and a finish time.

For most people weekends are the best time to hold a children’s party, not only for you but also other guests. However if you are planning on only inviting family members then you may choose a week night for your party, finishing a bit later in the night than you would expect on a weekend. Once the initial checklist has been discussed and the details of the party have been finalised it is then time to decide the finer details of the event. The checklist below will help with this.

Party Entertainment

You will know more than most that children require a lot of entertaining. The last thing you want to be doing on the day of your child’s party is entertaining the kids as well as the 101 other jobs you have to do. Typical children’s party entertainment includes a magician, a clown, a bouncy castle, a paddling pool and a puppet show.

You could consider asking a family member or friend to help out with the entertainment or if you have a large budget you could hire a private entertainer.

planning a childrens party kids party food

Party Invitations

Your invitations set the tone for your child’s party. Smart invitations look more attractive and are more likely to gain a good response from those who receive them. If you are feeling creative you and your child could make your own invitations, possibly linking to the theme of the party. Do not forget to give guests plenty of time to RSVP, providing both a mobile and home phone number.

To add a personal feel to the invitations you could help your child write the name of the guest on each invitation, whilst you write the rest of the information.

party helpers

Extra pairs of hands are always welcomed at a children’s birthday party, whether it’s at your house or elsewhere. Family members and other parents are always good helpers because the likelihood is that they have hosted children’s parties of their own before. Don’t forget, the people you ask to help out are likely to ask you to return the favour at some point.

party games

Not all children’s parties require party games but it can be wise to have a few ideas in mind and a few games already set out just in case. Traditional party games such as pass the parcel, musical statues, musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey are always a hit, some however require more space than others.

party catering

It can seem a waste providing top quality catering at a children’s party but do not forget helpers and parents are likely to tuck in too. The majority of private venues offer food packages included in the price of the party; this doesn’t give you much choice however.

childrens party food

Providing your own catering can be wise for a small party, especially if you are on a budget. To take the stress away however you can’t go wrong ordering private catering. This frees you up to help out elsewhere without the stress and worry of burning the sausage rolls.

Remember to make sure you are away of any guests with particular allergies. One last thing, do not forget about a birthday cake, it will help make some special photos and those creative parents out there could try and link the cake to the theme of the party.

As a company we offer a wide range of party catering, you are reading this article on our hog roast website the hog roast is a nice option if you have a large number of adults attending the party if not, here are some links to other catering options we can provide at your kids party.

Food platters - These are perfect for home catering and we provide a kids platter option to keep everyone happy.

Finger buffet - It's a classic party food option with 6 menu choices that you can mix and match

BBQ - Kids love sausages and burgers, a BBQ is a fun option if you have the space

Birthday cakes - We make a large range of celebration cakes, give us a ring with your requirements.

If you need any help with planning your kids party please feel free to contact us we have years of experiance.

Check out our kid's party birthday cakes page