Spit Roast Durham Bonfire Night Event in the City

Author: Philip Lee Hewitson - Google+

Information and photos from Durhams biggest bonfire event

Bonfire night Durham
Every 5th of November Durham fire service organises the Aykley heads bonfire event and we have been providing the hog roast to the event for the past six years.
The bonfire event has always been a popular attraction for the people of Durham city this year 25,000 people attended making it the biggest bonfire event in the North East.

spit roast Durham
This year we decided to add the spit roast to the double sales unit we provide, the spit roast is always a popular showpiece and we managed to sell out one hour before the end of the event.

spit roast in Durham
The bonfire event is held at Aykley heads in Durham city, it was originally started by the fire service to offer a controlled environment for people enjoy the festivities safely and the hope was people would come to the event instead of trying to organise there own party’s at home.

hog roast sales unit Durham
The event has now grown so big compared to the original event, you can now see X factor pop stars perform live, action displays by the Durham police and fire brigade, live music flash show and performances by local schools.   

Durham hog roast event