Spit Roast Spennymore County Durham

Author: Philip Lee Hewitson - Google+

Spit roast and mobile bar provided to a company in the County Durham area of Spennymoor.

spennymoor spit roast
Corporate events can be a little dull if it’s all talk and repetitive slide shows, this was an issue one of our customers faced when arranging a corporate conference.
We have found over the years of providing corporate catering that peoples attention span is much better if they are not always having to listen and a break or two with something interesting is available.

spennymoor catering
This customer had the issue of staff from outside the area needing to come to a staff corporate event but the year before people said it was dull and boring so this year the company wanted to liven things up with something special for lunch and a party with a mobile bar after the event.

county durham spit roast
This was highly effective, the staff enjoyed the spit roast during the day and looked forward to the party on the night time, during the day the staff excelled in the workshops and the event as a whole became more enjoyable for everyone (mission complete).

carved spit roast durham
If you have a boring corporate event that needs an energy boost give us a call the spit roast and mobile bars are just some of the interesting options we can provide.