Wedding Catering Prices and How You Can Save Money

Author: Philip Lee Hewitson - Google+

Hiring a professional firm to take care of the catering on your big day can be as expensive as you want it to be.
From a £5.50 a head finger buffet to a six course sit down meal, the possibilities are endless.

wedding catering prices

Every catering company has their own price structure and should be contacted individually to check prices. This said however, there are certain aspects of a wedding that can be played around with the help tailor the price of catering to individual budgets.

There are a selection of variables to consider when looking at prices and trying to generate a costing, today I wanted to focus on these aspects of wedding pricing - The venue - The number of guests - The eating time and how you can save money.

party venues

Some venues are particular about hiring in catering from elsewhere, particularly if they have their own catering services available. For this reason it is important to contact your venue to ask if they have rules and regulations in regard to this type of thing.
If they do offer catering it could be wise to ask them for a price list, something to compare other prices to if nothing else.

If they do allow catering from elsewhere then it is worth asking what kind of catering they allow, this could help exclude some of the options such as hog roasts and barbecues that will require a decent outside space.
If you are stuck with the in-house catering provided by the venue it will be difficult to save any money as these wedding menus tend to be set in stone and also set in price!, you could try to negotiate on the cost but generally it is what it is.

If you are lucky enough to find a wedding venue that allows outside caterers then this is a money saving opportunity, outside caterers like ourselves focus on food and a decent caterer can save you over 30% compared to venue prices.

Compromise with your caterer, by telling them what you would like, if the price is to high maybe some items can be removed to reduce the overall cost or moving eating times around can save money (see below).

Number of guests

A very important factor is the amount of people expected to attend the wedding. Some couples try to have a low key wedding with few guests but have a large budget; this allows them to choose the more expensive catering options, spending that little bit more.

Identifying a rough idea of the number of the guests is very advantageous, it can also help determine an idea of the budget available for catering. Lots of guests usually means less money to spend on food.

A good thing about weddings is you have time to plan and you're sending out invites so you're in control unlike a funeral where you have no idea who is coming a wedding you should know exactly who will be attending.
Trim the guess list to meet your own expectations at the end of the day it's better to have all the food you want for all your guests rather than skimping and everyone being unimpressed.

Eating time

The eating time can have a massive impact on the cost of a wedding, this is because if you decide to get married at 11am your guests will require food at lunch time, afternoon and night.
If you decide to get married at 4pm you will miss lunch and afternoon feeding times and you could only require food for guests 6pm onwards!

As you can imagine missing out key eating times will save you a huge amount of money and you can spend more on the night time catering.
It's your choice at the end of the day and if your budget is not an issue the options are endless.